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Home Polycom Audio Conferencing Sound Station Premier SoundStation Premier (Nortel) Polycom SoundStation Premier 500D for Nortel (2200-08120-001)
Polycom SoundStation Premier 500D for Nortel (2200-08120-001)
Polycom SoundStation Premier 500D for Nortel (2200-08120-001)
Polycom SoundStation Premier 500D for Nortel (2200-08120-001)



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Polycom SoundStation Premier 500D for Nortel

For Nortel Meridian users, communicating with crystal clarity couldnít be easier. Just connect a SoundStation Premier 500D directly into a Meridian PBX digital wall jack. You donít need an analog port, analog adapter, or complicated connections to take advantage of natural, two-way conversations with Polycom s breakthrough Acoustic Clarity Technology. With sensitive high-performance speakers, SoundStation Premier 500D delivers crisp, clear sound thatís twice as loud as Polycomís SoundStation. Itís also twice as quiet. The SoundStation Premier 550Dís automatic microphone switching technology means that only the microphone nearest the person talking is on, limiting extraneous noise from around the room. And, SoundStation Premier 550D allows you to add two additional microphones for greater room coverage.

Key Features:

  • Non-Expandable
  • Keypad eliminates the need for a separate phone
  • High fidelity neodymium speaker has the power to fill large rooms
  • Full duplex performance
  • Echo cancellation delivers "handset quality" sound
  • Noise reduction and automatic gain control remove background noise
  • Integrated 16-character LCD display
  • Hypercardioid microphones perform up to 20db better than "speakerphones"
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