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Polycom CX700 IP Phone (2200-31400-001)
Polycom CX700 IP Phone (2200-31400-001)
Polycom CX700 IP Phone (2200-31400-001)



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Polycom CX700 Desktop Phone

Polycom CX700 IP phone for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 enhances the overall communications experience with high definition and high fidelity audio for crystal clear conversations and offers the convenience of a plug-and-play USB audio peripheral that is tightly integrated with Office Communicator 2007. Polycom CX700 IP phone gives users the ultimate in calling convenience from their Office Communicator 2007 enabled computer. Polycom CX700 high-quality handset and full duplex, hands-free speakerphone, enables crystal-clear, natural conversations without echoes or feedback, the freedom of not wearing a headset for hands-free calls, or the privacy and familiarity of the handset, all using the latest in wideband audio technology to provide the highest quality audio experience.

In today Internet-driven world, the ability to conduct real-time communication and collaboration has become critical to an organization survival. As the market leader in voice, video, data and Web solutions, Polycom award-winning telephony technology makes it easy for people to interact and maximize productivity - over any network, in just about any environment, anywhere around the globe. That's why more organizations worldwide use and prefer Polycom conferencing solutions. Because when people work together, great things happen. The Polycom CX700 IP Phone delivers remarkable wideband audio quality that provides the ultimate voice communications experience. With its sleek, high-quality handset and its full duplex, hands-free speakerphone, the Polycom CX700 enables crystal-clear, natural conversations without echoes or feedback. The Polycom CX700 IP Phone features a fully embedded Office Communicator 2007 client, providing direct, on-device access to the features and capabilities of Office Communications Server 2007, all using a bright, touch-screen color display. It also delivers enhanced presence status information and voicemail indication via an intelligent Windows CE based user interface, and enables users to easily control their calls, including click-to-call, conferencing, transferring, holding, forwarding and ending calls. In addition, the Polycom CX700 includes a full telephone keypad, a scroll wheel for navigating the user interface and keys for controlling volume, mute, speakerphone and headset mode.

High quality IP phone for use with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

  • Includes color touch screen with an embedded Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
  • Does not require a PC to take advantage of all of the VoIP capabilities of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
  • Handles phone calls the way that works best for you--with a handset, full-duplex speakerphone, or headset


Features : Standalone IP phone for use with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

  • Embedded Office Communicator 2007 client with color touch screen interface
  • Does not require a computer to access the VoIP capabilities of Office Communications Server 2007
  • Flexible call handling handset, full-duplex speakerphone or headset
  • Provides call status, visual presence and voicemail indicators to display important status information at a glance
  • High definition audio for best possible voice calls
  • Embedded client does not require a PC to make calls, gain access to personal contact information, or other advanced features

High Fidelity Speaker and Microphone

  • High definition, wideband audio for the best possible voice call quality, whether in handset, full duplex speakerphone or headset mode

Personal Configuration

  • Biometric fingerprint reader or on-screen keyboard to personalize the Polycom CX700 speakerphone with individual communications preferences

Easy Call Management

  • Monitor and manage calls through the Microsoft Windows CE-based touch-screen interface
  • Click-to-call functionality with name-based calling from a user's contact list or call logs
  • Enhanced incoming call information lets users quickly decide how to handle a caller.

Enhanced Presence

  • On-screen presence status indicators for each of a user's contacts
  • Ability to set presence state using the touch screen and a large, bright LED shows your current presence state

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Use the Polycom CX700 speakerphone in the way that's most convenient
    • Access voicemail
    • Plug a wireless headset into the standard RJ-9 jack
    • Type using the on-screen keyboard
    • Connect a computer to the on-board Ethernet port
    • View your contacts' availability information on the screen

Part Number: 2200-31400-001

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