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Polycom Communicator C100 (2200-44140-001)
Polycom Communicator C100 (2200-44140-001)
Polycom Communicator C100 (2200-44140-001)



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Polycom CX100 Speakerphone

Polycom Communicator C100 gives you the ultimate hands-free calling experience from your PC. Based on the technology used in Polycom's legendary line of triangular SoundStation conference phones, Polycom Communicator enables crystal-clear, natural conversations without echoes or feedback. Enjoy the freedom of not wearing your headset for hands-free calls, or plug into the built-in stereo headphone port for private conversations.Polycom Communicator delivers remarkable audio quality that enables seamless voice and video communications with no compromises. Two high-quality microphones provide excellent range for group conversations with up to four participants. Polycom HD Voice technology enables high-fidelity, CD-quality sound, along with unparalleled echo cancellation, noise reduction and full duplex performance.

Plugging into your PC via a USB socket, the unit sits anywhere on your desk and allows you to speak freely without any wires attached to your head. Design wise and the Polycom Communicator C100 is small and compact with the stand hiding the USB cable. We like the fact it's powered by USB so no need to use yet another power socket under your desk or root around trying to find one in a boardroom if you are working from the laptop. Centred around the three audio speakers on the unit is a central console that allows you to launch your VoIP package of choice (we used Skype for our testing) as well as controlling answering and hanging up and volume control. There is also a big mute button if you want to talk to others in the room, but not let the person on the other end of the line hear you. Failing that if you do want a private conversation then the C100 sports a plug into the built-in stereo headphone port. Once connected to the PC - it works with a Mac, but the hang up and launch application buttons aren't supported - it's merely a case of telling your VoIP package that you are using it and away you go - in Skype this is found in the preferences pane under Audio.

The speaker, which is based on the same technology the company uses in its triangular SoundStation conference phones, promises crystal clear conversations and in practice, it certainly lives up to its billing. On all the calls we made the results were very impressive with good sound provided at both ends. In fact, Polycom says that because of the two microphones within the unit, the Communicator 100 can support group conversations with up to four participants making this ideal for meeting room situations.


  • Polycom HD Voice technology for high-fidelity sound
  • Two high-quality microphones
  • Polycom HD Voice technology also delivers industry-leading echo cancellation and full duplex technology
  • Integrated button controls for a seamless user experience
  • Connects and powers through an integrated USB cable


Polycom C100 Speakerphone for PC and PC Video Calls

  • High Definition Audio Speakerphone for use Polycom PVX Desktop Video Conferencing Software and many IP Service Providers with IP Soft Phones
  • Hands-free Speakerphone Conversations without echo or feedback
  • Ideal for small group conferences or for personal use
  • Two built-in high quality microphones
  • Connects and powers through an integrated USB cable
  • No additional batteries or cables required
  • Easy installation, easy to carry with carry case included
  • Ability to plug in 3.5 mm stereo headphones into headphone jack for private calls
  • Doubles as a high fidelity speaker so you can list to music, web conferences, and presentations
  • Desktop speakers can be plugged in for additional audio volume
  • Built in buttons for call release, volume control and mute
  • LED indicators to display call status such as incoming call, call muted, active call, and message waiting
  • Automatic Gain Control Technology- adjusts microphone levels based upon the distance the person who is speaking is from the microphones
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction removes background noise
  • Size: 5.25 x 3.24 x 0.85 in
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