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Home Plantronics Amplifiers|Audio Processors Plantronics M12 Definity (61642-01)
Plantronics M12 Definity (61642-01)
Plantronics M12 Definity (61642-01)
Plantronics M12 Definity (61642-01)




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Plantronics M12 Definity:

Plantronics M12 Definity Line powered amplifier that connects H series headsets to Definity phones to improve voice quality and maintain sound at a comfortable level. One-button selection between headset or handset. Separate controls adjust incoming / outgoing volume. Does not require batteries when used with Definity phones.

  • Modular connection
  • Base mute
  • Quick-disconnect headset plug end
  • 10 foot headset coil cord
  • For use with Avaya headsets with a quick-disconnect plug
  • SoundGuard plus and call clarity

Part Number: 61642-01

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