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Home Plantronics Headsets For Cisco Phones Plantronics H81 CIS (65653-01)
Plantronics H81 CIS (65653-01)
Plantronics H81 CIS (65653-01)
Plantronics H81 CIS (65653-01)



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Plantronics H81 CIS:

With four sizes of user-selectable earbuds and an adjustable receiver arm, the Plantronics H81 CIS TriStar Voice Tube headset can be custom fitted to just about anyone. Weighing under one-half ounce, Plantronics H81 CIS headset is a pleasure to wear. The Plantronics H81 CIS Quick Disconnect feature, lets you walk away from your phone while wearing your headset, voice tube microphone improves clarity of speech.

Recommended headset solutions created specifically for use with Cisco 7940, 7960 & the new 7970 IP phones. These solutions combine the Star, Encore monaural & Encore binaural together with the 10 ft. coiled cord QD to modular plug to connect directly into the headset port of these Cisco phones.

Product Features: Plantronics H81

  • Earbud style headset
  • Four sizes of user-selectable earbuds
  • Unique three-point fit
  • Weighs less than half an ounce
  • For Cisco Phone
  • Quick Disconnect feature allows you to walk away from the phone while still wearing your headset

Part Number: 65653-01

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