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Aastra BluStar 8000i Desktop Phone (BLUSTAR-8000I-TMP)
Aastra BluStar 8000i Desktop Phone (BLUSTAR-8000I-TMP)
Aastra BluStar 8000i Desktop Phone (BLUSTAR-8000I-TMP)



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8000i Desktop Phone

HD Video and Sound

Native HD Video:

Utilising the large 13 inch color TFT display, the BluStar Media Phone displays true 720p HD video for video calling and video conferencing, making remote communication personal again.

Outstanding HD Audio:

Three high frequency HD speakers provide left, right and central audio emission. By supporting the G.722 7KHz audio codec, and Bluetooth handset and headsets, the BluStar 8000i has outstanding audio features.

Smart Microphones:

Incorporating 4 steerable array microphones that track your voice location and help eliminate unwanted background noise, the BluStar 8000i audio features enable you to hear and be heard just like being there in person.

Powerful Collaboration

In-Person Communication:

Face-to-face video calls provide a rich in-person communication experience quickly and conveniently. With powerful presence and directory look-up features and ad-hoc conferencing just a click away, the BluStar Media Phone brings people instantly together.

100-Way Video Conferencing:

High quality video conferencing made simple. 2 to 100 participants may take part in a single conference with an ability to view up to 15 participants at any one time. Easily and automatically group and invite attendees, store conference details and bring life to team meetings and conferences.

Bluetooth Data Sharing:

The Bluetooth interface enables transfer and sharing of data from common Bluetooth devices such as cell phones.

PC Desktop Sharing:

Sharing your PC desktop is made intuitively easy promoting quick and efficient information sharing. Live sharing of desktops while still viewing video participants takes productivity to a new level.

Business Intelligence

Your Business Dashboard:

BluStar Desktop Media Phones can easily be integrated into daily business processes via built-in and customizable applications. The BluStar 8000i can run productivity enhancing applications simultaneously with video calling making it simple to have real time access to business intelligence. An extensive API and SDK promotes customization and 3rd party application development that will further enhance the power of your BluStar Media Phone.
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