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Cisco 7920 Unified Wireless IP Phone (CP-7920)
Cisco 7920 Unified Wireless IP Phone (CP-7920)
Cisco 7920 Unified Wireless IP Phone (CP-7920)



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Cisco 7920 Unified Wireless IP Phone:

Cisco 7920 Unified Wireless IP Phone Version 3.0 provides the latest version of the wireless IP phone for the Cisco Unified Communications family of products. Cisco 7920 supports a host of calling features and voice-quality enhancements. Because the phone is designed to grow with system capabilities, features will keep pace with new system enhancements.



  • Offers direct access to voicemail with Menu key or Hot key
  • Identifies incoming messages, allowing users to quickly and effectively return calls using direct dial-back capability
  • 6 multiline appearance-extensions or speed dials
  • Calling name and number display
  • Call waiting
  • Call forward
  • Call transfer
  • Three-way calling (conference)
  • Predialing before sending
  • Redial
  • Call hold and resume
  • Call mute
  • Call park
  • Call pick-up and group pick-up
  • "You Have Voice Mail" message on display
  • Hot key for keypad lock
  • Hot key for voicemail access
  • 9 speed dials configurable in the set
  • Programmable speed-dial Hot keys 2-9
  • Time and date display
  • Idle and call state-based soft keys
  • Keypad lock and vibration icon indicators
  • RF and battery-level indication
  • Comfort noise generation (CNG), voice activity detection (VAD), adaptive jitter buffer, and echo cancellation
  • Language support: English, French, German, Norwegian, and Japanese
  • Local phone book
  • Part Number: CP-7920
  • Backlit 128 x 80 pixel-graphical display

Configuration Options:

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client or statically configured
  • Alternate Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) support
  • Support for over-the-air firmware upgrades using TFTP server

Network Features:

  • Cisco Discovery Protocol
  • Automatic IEEE 802.1q (VLAN) configuration
  • Site survey, traceroute (hidden feature), transparent secure roaming, and VLAN support
  • Provisioning of network parameters through DHCP


  • Cisco Wireless Security Suite IEEE 802.1X Cisco LEAP authentication: Optional password prompt at power-up
  • 40- and 128-bit static Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
  • 802.11i (802.1x authentication + TKIP encryption)
  • 802.11i (Pre-Shared key + TKIP encryption)
  • Cisco Centralized Key Management (CKM)
  • Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) and Message Integrity Check (MIC)
  • Optional phone lock password
  • Automatic key lock
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