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Meridian M7208 Telephone (NT8B31)
 Meridian M7208 Telephone (NT8B31)
Meridian M7208 Telephone (NT8B31)



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Nortel Norstar M7208 telephone set

This basic telephone is ideal for users who need access to just a few lines, programmable features, and autodial numbers. The M7208 is well-suited for areas with shared telephones like manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers.

Norstar M7208 Features

  • compatible with all nortel norstar systems.
  • The M7208 telephone has 8 programmable buttons.
  • Perfect phone for small office or user not needing many feature buttons.
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • full speaker and display
  • Compatible with all nortel norstar and BCM digital station cards and systems.
  • Phone comes with New Handset cords and new button packs. Like new condition Garanteed!!!

    Part Numbers

    NT8B30AF-35, NT8B30AC-35, NT8B30AH-35, NT8B30-35 , NT8B30AA-35 , A0338821 NT8B30AB-35 , A0397301 NT8B30AD-35 A0406962 NT8B30AE-35, A0409191 NT8B30AF-03 , NT8B30-03, NT8B30AH-03 , NT8B30AC-03 , NT8B30AA-03 A0339002, NT8B30AB-03 A0397299, NT8B30AD-03 A0406960, NT8B30AE-03 A0409189 , NT8B30AC-93 , NT8B30AF-93, NT8B30-93 , NT8B30AH-93, NT8B30AF-03 , NT8B30-03 , NT8B30AH-03 , NT8B30AC-03 , NT8B30AE-35 , A0409191 NT8B30AD-35 , A0406962 NT8B30AB-35 A0397301 NT8B30AA-35 A0338821 NT8B30AF-35 , NT8B30AC-35 , NT8B30AH-35, NT8B30-35 , NT8B30AB,
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