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Norstar Nortel Audio Conferencing Unit (Clarity)
Norstar Nortel Audio Conferencing Unit (Clarity)
Norstar Nortel Audio Conferencing Unit (Clarity)



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The Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit Clarity by Polycom extends voice connectivity to conference rooms and offices with clarity and reliability. It includes full-duplex technology and a keypad to access all of the conferencing features available from your Norstar or Business Communications Manager system The unit has a Norstar Feature Key, which allows access to many of the same features found on the M7000 series of Norstar phone sets. Like the M7000 series phone sets, the NACU connects directly into the Norstar phone system via a station port. Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit Features:

Plugs into any telephone jack. Access to Norstar and BCM Features. Answer second call. Toggle between two calls, selective release 1 of 2 calls, call hold and retrieve from hold. Conference - hold conference, split conference, or selective release. System speed dial Accidental disconnect protection. Flexible restrictions and overrides, and more. Free Shipping! One Year Warranty. Key Features

360-Degree Voice Coverage Digitally Tuned Speaker Full Duplex Technology Plugs directly into any Norstar telephone jack Access to Norstar and BCM Features
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