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Home Viking electronics Paging|Loud Ringing Products Viking SLP-1 Paging Controller (SLP-1)
Viking SLP-1 Paging Controller (SLP-1)
Viking SLP-1 Paging Controller (SLP-1)
Viking SLP-1 Paging Controller (SLP-1)



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Viking SLP1 Paging Adapter

  • Whole house/small business paging from existing phones
  • Phone to phone intercom
  • Page from several different phone lines by connecting multiple units
  • Can provide background music from an external source
  • Background music mute (automatic during paging or touch tone selectable while on a call)
  • Selectable loud ringing (electronic warble over speakers)
  • Doorbell switch input (lighted or non-lighted) for activating door chime (ding-dong sound over speakers)
  • Switch selectable On-Hold alarm tones
  • Stereo pre-amp input and line level output for use with receivers and high wattage amplifiers
  • Page trigger output (12V signal for enabling paging source input on multi-source amps)
  • Bypass code ignores all touch tones on next off-hook allowing user to steer through auto attendants
  • Unique front and back door chimes when used with Door Entry Doorbox and CCTV Video Controller (C-1000B) or Advanced Door and Gate Entry Phone Controller (Model #: C-2000B)
  • Simple control commands with no touch tone programming
  • Music on hold
  • Caller on hold
  • Pre-amp volume control
  • Loud ringing/night bell
  • UL listed power adapter provided

Part Number: SLP-1
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