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Home Plantronics Amplifiers|Audio Processors Plantronics SHS2310-25 (92310-25)
Plantronics SHS2310-25 (92310-25)
Plantronics SHS2310-25 (92310-25)
Plantronics SHS2310-25 (92310-25)




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Plantronics SHS2310-25 Amplifier

  • 10 dB of Receiver Amplification
  • Push-to-talk switch
  • 25-foot coil cord
  • Allows the use of any H-series headset top in 6-wire controller and dispatch operations
  • Push-to-talk switch with selectable locking or momentary operation
  • PJ-7 (equivalent to WE-425) connector
  • Choice of 3 different coil cord lengths
  • CE compliant

Part Number: 92310-25

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